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Hildebrandt as President of Endangered Language Fund, ELF
FEL contemporary in the USA
in SIUE, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville College of Arts and Sciences Department of English Language and Literature
Miriwoong, in Western Australia
the language, described by its speakers
in a BBC feature
First Languages Australia publishes new map
with video clips for each language, keyed geographically
New feature film in Haida
"Edge of the Knife". Set in 19th-century Haida Gwaii, it tells a classic Haida story of a traumatized and stranded man transformed to Gaagiixiid, the wild man. Shot in Haida, with English subtitles.
Haida, a language isolate spoken in British Columbia, is said to have only 30 remaining speakers. Its UK premiere is in the Canada Now film festival, at Curzon Soho (24-28 April).
Badeshi language of northern Pakistan (Swat Kohistan)
down to three (old male) speakers
Listed in Ethnologue as Indo-Iranian, bilingual with Pashto.
View of Scots Gaelic, by Lennox Morrison
... and its place in UK public policy over the last 50 years
Emphasis on untranslatable words, and a unique situation
India CIIL: Technology usable to save endangered languages
In India, Anupam Basu, director of the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, advised linguists to make the best use of Information Technology (IT) for preserving the country’s endangered languages. He urged the Central Institute of Indian Language
He added that the country lacks skilled manpower to translate all its languages. With the active participation and collaboration of technologists and linguists, more tools can be developed for computer-aided translation.
Rapa Nui - the language at the end of the earth
A BBC gallery, noting the past and current status of Rapa Nui on Easter Island, and the mysterious writing system Rongorongo.
6th International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation (ICLDC6)
February 28-March 3, 2019 ​Hawai‘i Imin International Conference Center, Honolulu, Hawai‘i
Connecting Communities, Languages & Technology: Digital tools have the power to greatly accelerate the language work, but the digital realm also brings new challenges for endangered languages, which sometimes struggle to thrive in a digitally-mediated wor
Big Cities Small Languages
Call for abstracts for conference in Berlin, November 14-16 2018
Big cities often become home to small languages, leading to a surprisingly rich local linguistic diversity. New York City is home to 800 languages, at least 250 languages are spoken in London, and we estimate that there are at least 120 languages spoken i
Igbo speakers and identity
Identity 2016: Why I stopped mispronouncing my Igbo name - A BBC presenter from Nigeria ponders the meaning of his Igbo name and heritage
The roots of endangerment shown in attitudes even to a major regional language - and the shortening of a name, Nkemakonam Ifejika
Appeal launched to collect poetry in endangered languages
Marking the UK’s National Poetry Day, an international call has gone out for readers to submit poems that could be lost to future generations. Share your poems on National Poetry Day 2017.
An act of "noblesse oblige" by the UK establishment, usually so monolingual. Besides volunteer contributions, poems have been commissioned in Creek, Irish, Aramaic and Luganda. (South America is the one continent unrepresented.)
Trying to save South Africa first language
Aging speakers of N|uu and Nama in South Africa (also active language teachers) interviewed by BBC
Click languages display their usual glamour!
Presence of indigenous languages in Peruvian media
An Economist article details increasing use of Quechua and Aymara in Peru, with future plans for Ashaninca and Shipibo/Konibo. It says they must overcome negative associations from the past, with poverty and guerrilla activities.
It is suggested that the influence of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is crucial, even though he is of European extraction.
ICL 2018 Cape Town features workshop on endangered languages
The precise theme is: the sociolinguistics of language endangerment, and the organiser is David Bradley of La Trobe University, Australia.
The International Congress of Linguists, an event which occurs only once in 5 years, runs 2-6 July 2018. Its chair is Rajend Mesthrie, and its overall theme is the Dynamics of Language.
FEL Regional Conference in Murmansk
Initiation of a Regional Interest Group of the Foundation for Endangered Languages for the languages and Cultures of Northern Eurasia
Vanishing Voices from the Uralic World
A collection of historical sound recordings of speech and songs by representatives of Uralic peoples, digitized as part of the Endangered Archives Programme (project EAP 347)
Annual BASEES Conference in Cambridge
During this conference many papers were discussed about topics such as Slavic Languages and English, Language Minorities in Russia, Language and Identity and Language Policy in the States of the former Soviet Union.
Mercator Dossier on Nenets, Khanty and Selkup
Publication in a series of documents on the teaching of regional and minority languages by the Mercator Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning
Arctic Educational Forum in Salekhard March 2017
Contributions about the educational services in the Arctic Regions, in particular for the local minorities. Here the Russian version of the special Mercator dossier on Nenets, Khanty and Selkup has been launched.
Recovering Voices
Smithsonian Institution (US Govt) survey of language revitalization initiatives worldwide. If you are involved in language revitalisation they would appreciate it if you would share your experience with them.
They wish to do a comparative analysis of the factors that may improve the outcomes of revitalization efforts.
How to revive a 500-year-old dying language
Focus on the creole Kristang
Endangered Languages: Beliefs and Ideologies in Language Documentation and Revitalization
book edited by Peter Austin and Julia Sallabank, c/o British Academy 2014
a copious volume of papers by experts on EL linguistics
Myaamia language in Ohio: Daryl Baldwin has been selected as a 2016 MacArthur Fellow
Baldwin, a trained linguist, utilized historical documentation and the work of linguist David Costa to teach himself and his family the language. Baldwin’s efforts to share his love of the language would develop into community-supported summer youth camps
a good example of how individual enterprise - feeding into a traditional community - can attract support and begin to put language extinction into reverse
Feature on Yaaku language of Kenya
The problem appears to be sheer scarcity of speakers. Efforts are being made to teach it. Ethnologue ed (2009) agrees with the BBC film that this has fewer than 10 speakers.
Ethnologue classes it as a Cushitic language, like Oromo and Somali, but being in Kenya a southern outlier of the family. Comparisons are also made with Dahalo, another language hard to classify.
Reawakening Language
BBC Radio 4 programme on language revitalization, featuring Thangmi (Himalaya), Barngala (S. Australia) and Hawaiian (Pacific)
An overview of the issues, with realism about the problems: good on different motives for hope.
Taiwan president gives first apology to indigenous groups
Some progress in minority recognition in Taiwan. Yami is mentioned explicitly.
Vanishing Languages, Reincarnated as Music
This account of musicologists and composers getting in touch with endangered languages may be of interest, especially to those drawn to our most recent conference, The Music of EL.
But it is very much a view from the outside, making new cultural objects out of alien productions. And it is despairing about future prospects, unlike the tone of our conference.
Rising Voices: Five New Grantees for Indigenous Language Digital Activism
Projects in Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, and Nicaragua:- Argentina: Müpüley taiñ mapudungun El Salvador: Potón and Pisbi Languages Nicaragua: Miskitu y Mayangna en El Internet Mexico: Natël tan (Yokotan) Mexico: In tsalpadh tilab (Huastec)
It is encouraging to see support given to grass-roots initiatives in Latin America. ¡Felicitaciones!
Language Matters
What do we lose when a language dies, and what does it take to save one?
Filmed around the world, the program explores Australia, where 400 Aboriginal people speak 10 different languages; Wales, where Welsh is making a comeback; and Hawaii, where a group of activists is fighting to save Hawaiian.
New perspectives in Occitan literature conference: London, 23 Sept.
Occitan is the literary language of the south of France, often known as Provençal. Grains of Gold, an anthology (ed. James Thomas) is also out, from troubadours (and trobairitz!) to today. http://www.francisboutle.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=119
Now this is the first ever Occitan conference in the UK.
Revitalisation of the Nivkh language on Sakhalin
Meeting of Finnish scholars with Nivkh people
Facebook message received from Katerina Gruzdeva
Discussion with Finnish scholars about language revitalisation
A project of Helsinki University on Sakhalin
Facebook message from Katerina Gruzdeva
80th birthday of Nivkh doyen
Vladimir Sangi, the acknowledged patriarch of writing in Nivkh (native to Sakhalin island on the extreme east of Siberia) was fêted by UNESCO in Paris on 18 March 2015.
FEL officer Tjeerd de Graaf was present, and recorded some scenes: https://picasaweb.google.com/111275366861645401960/201503SangiUNESCOParis
Petition on behalf of school & home supporting Kven language in Norway
The municipality of Porsanger, in Northern Norway has decided to close Børselv school and later Solbrått old people’s home, both located in Børselv, a small village where the minority language Kven still has a stronger position among the inhabitants.
Kven has less than 2000 speakers and with most of them being in the age group 50-90 living in the Porsanger and Varanger areas. According to the ELDIA-project it is among the most threatened of the Finno-Ugric minority languages in Europe.
Updated - Virtual Library for Aboriginal Languages of Australia
The Virtual Library for Aboriginal Languages of Australia has now been updated; it now lists 370 web resources for Australian languages, all annotated and categorised by language and content, and with a searchable catalogue.
ELDP lives on - Endangered Languages Documentation Project
Arcadia (the successor to the Lisbet Rausing fund) has renewed ELDP grant agreement for another 5 years. This means that ELDP (the granting component of the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project) will continue to provide grants for five more years.
This is a heartening vote of confidence in what was achieved over the first decade, and their continuing relevance for the rest of the 2010s.
From Dust to Digital: New publication on Endangered Archives
Book with articles on Archives of Endangered Languages
After decades of Russian dominance, Belarus begins to reclaim its language
Guardian article on changing status of Belarusian, hitherto demeaned by its own government
Are lost languages coming back?
BBC Feature on learners of Manx, Cornish, Jèrriais, Guernesiais
Nice pictures of local landscape, and some useful phrases
Star man from the Amazon
Elegiac piece about a carving shaman of the Palikur people.
The language (http://www.ethnologue.com/language/plu , http://glottolog.org/resource/languoid/id/pali1279, http://dice.missouri.edu/docs/awarak/Palikur.pdf ) was one of the earliest contacted by Europeans, viz Vincente Yáñez Pinzón.
Expert Meeting on Improving Access to Multilingual Cyberspace
Organised by UNESCO, Paris 28-29 October 2014 Preparation of an action plan for Multilingualism and Language Diversity
a nice article on Okinawan
in the Washington Post. It centres on Byron FIja, (as always!) and mentions also the work of UNESCO.
Best wishes from Patrick Heinrich (FEL XVIII local chair)
AUT in Auckland NZ offer online MA in language revitalisation
Creating language revitalisation strategists to transform communities: language strategists, language planners, revivalists, activists, educationalists, digital language resources.
This is an interesting initiative, to spread relevant expertise to local communities worldwide.
Australian Indigenous Language News Radio
The ABC with the help of the Aboriginal Interpreter Service in the Northern Territory is trialling an Indigenous language News Service in Warlpiri and Yolngu Matha for the next year. Two ABC news bulletins will be recorded each weekday.
There is also a useful blog about the languages at http://munanga.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/a-closer-look-at-abcs-indigenous.html
BBC reports claim that "Economic success 'drives language extinction' "
Cited source: Tatsuya Amano, from the University of Cambridge, writing in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Published 3 September 2014 doi: 10.1098/rspb.2014.1574
Proc. R. Soc. B 22 October 2014 vol. 281 no. 1793: Full text at http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/281/1793/20141574.full
Third InternationalConference on Linguistic Diversity in Cyberspace
This conference took place from 28 June until 3 July 2014 in Yakutsk, Russian Federation and gathered representatives from almost 50 countries of diverse regions of the world.
Report on Minority Languages in Germany
The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers released a new report in June that calls on Germany to step up efforts in favour of regional and minority languages and recommends Germany to continue and step up measures to teach North Frisian in Schleswig-
EL Publishing (ELPub) is to publish peer-reviewed open access electronic and print journals, multimedia and monographs, all on documentation and support of endangered languages. Editors - Peter Austin, David Nathan, Julia Sallabank.
Its first activity seems to be take over the production and distribution of the old ELAP journal, Language Documentation and Description. Already, though, it has Hearing Voices, a multimedia app that features Khoi and San languages. It also plans to monog
Links between language and biodiversity dangers: Report in UK Observer
Derived from new academic report by Jonathan Loh and David Harmon: Biocultural Diversity http://awsassets.panda.org/downloads/biocultural_report__june_2014.pdf
Mostly the usual statistics and claims, but ggod graphics.
Talking Dictionary of Tlacolula Zapotec
Linguistics Students from Swarthmore College Help Revitalize Critically Endangered Language in Mexico
south of the border, down Mexico way...
Legislator's concern for Mongolian
"for Mongolia, we have overbalanced our state policy on language and culture in the last part of the 20th century"
Cf Ostler - Last Lingua Franca, p. 12: in the 1990s the attempt was being made to retrain half of its Russian-language teachers to be competent in English; and in 2004 its prime minister Tsakhia Elbegborj (admittedly, a Harvard-educated man) announced tha
Giving the rainforest back to the Awa tribe
Brazilian government measures to protect an "uncontacted" people of the Amazon
Has some touching pictures of children's "jungle pets" too.
Military use of Choctaw in World War I
"Code talk" was not a new idea from World War II.
BBC article focuses on clash of attitudes to using the language, at the front and at home .
Catholic Church in Americas moves to accept indigenous languages
For centuries, the Catholic Church in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas has only officially delivered church services in either Latin or Spanish. But now...
This could be seen as the converse - or the complement - of the last pope's embrace of Latin! But the article mentions only Tzotzil and Tzeltal explicitly...
international workshops and training courses on language documentation and revitalisation in 2014
The first workshop, hosted by the Linguistic Dynamics Science Project, will take place on 19-25 February at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; the second, hosted by Stockholm University, will take place on 23 June – 4 July in Stockholm and the third, ho
These may be a good way for those wishing to add expertise to enthusiasm.
Plants, animals, words: a multidisciplinary workshop: SOAS 19-21 Sept 2013
A workshop to encourage interdisciplinary research in the areas of linguistics and ethno-biology by bringing together researchers from these fields and others. Sharing of perspectives, followed by hands-on skills workshops and presentations, case studies.
jointly organized by the linguists Lydia Green (PhD candidate, University of Newcastle, Australia), Sophie Mu and Ebany Dohle (PhD students, SOAS, University of London) and Dr Candide Simard (post-doctoral researcher, SOAS, University of London).
Call for Papers: LTC Workshop on "Less Resourced Languages, new technologies, new challenges and opportunities",
Submission deadline: 22 September 2013, for Conference in Poznan, Poland, 8 December 2013
Many of these languages may be considered endangered.
Great Language Game - how many languages can you recognize aurally?
The task is to identify a snatch of news report in an arbitrary language, with a multiple-choice option. A fine test of linguistic wit.
Points do not (sadly) mean prizes, but you may be interested - indeed challenged - to know that, at present, no Committee member has scored over 950!
Rapping in Saami
Nils Rune Utsi is the founding member of Slincraze, a rap group from Maze, a village in northern Norway.
Brief audio comparison with joik.
Baktun: Telenovela (soap opera) in Yukatek Maya
Baktun (pronounced bak-TOON) refers to a megacycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar and was deliberately chosen as the title in light of the attention it received in December 2012. "Cycle" as a concept keeps coming back!
First soap in an indigenous language? Given the great success of "Pobl y Cwm" in Wales, probably not.
Reviving Yurok: Saving one of California's 90 languages
BBC short feature on revival activity re California's biggest surviving indigenous language
Strong on singing!
Survival of Texas German
The BBC reports Hans Boas's study of this vanishing dialect, a long way from home.
Hans Boas has discussed this at FEL VII in Broome, West Australia (2003), but it is not in the Proceedings volume.
Barngarla reclamation workshop, Whyalla, South Australia
Barngala restoration proceeds, as one language among many in South Australia.
FEL committee member Ghil'ad Zuckermann doing his bit for his local linguistic heritage, and its speakers, past and future.
Kindle publisher reverses refusal to handle Cornish text
UK press Diglot Books takes on the might of Amazon to get its Cornish children's story out to readers, after being told that Matthew and the Wellington Boots (Kernewek: Matthew ha'n Eskisyow Glaw ) was in a language that is "not currently supported".
The article discusses some of the issues in ensuring that minority languages can be part of electronic publishing.
World Oral Literature Project pauses and takes stock...
This impressive collection is not receiving the new funding it had applied for, hence is closed to new additions.
It therefore becomes an extremely well-appointed archive site.
17th edition of SIL Ethnologue, showing every language's relative strength
Newly introduced in this edition is an estimate of the level of development versus endangerment for every language listed. These estimates use the EGIDS, or Expanded Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale ( based on the GIDS of Joshua Fishman).
This edition of Ethnologue also lists 375 languages that were known to be in use in 1950 and which are extinct today.
Kaurna revival in Australia
emphasizing the role of historical records, but also the attempt to re-enter the tradition of child transmission
Glad to see the BBC refers back to the FEL XIV conference in Carmarthen (2010): "Reversing Language Shift".
Our Language in Your Hands
This is a new BBC Radio 4 series, presented by the World Oral Literature Project, broadcast at 11:00-11:30am GMT on Mondays 3, 10 and 17 December 2012, and subsequently available on podcast.
The topics will be the linguistic landscapes of Eastern Nepal (Thangmi), South Africa and New York City.
Kudiyattam - Creating and Destroying the Universe in Twenty-Nine Nights
An ancient and rare art-form in an amalgam of classical languages (Sanskrit and Malayalam), if not an endangered one.
Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2013 to feature endangered languages
This annual cultural event of Washington DC, now in its 5th decade, will this year feature the theme "One World, Many Voices: Endangered Languages and Cultural Heritage".
It will run June 26–June 30 and July 3–July 7, 2013.
Can the young be saviours of regional dialects?
Considers the value of sustaining English dialects in the UK.
Getting into the "dialect/language" issue does not, in general, tend to edification. But all linguistic markers of identity have some value in the scheme of things.
Lakota Immersion Childcare
We are creating an Lakota immersion daycare here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the second-poorest county in the US, before the language becomes extinct.
There has not been a FEL grants round this year, but here is an opportunity for any of us to make a difference to the prospects of a highly-endangered language.
Ghil'ad Zuckermann hits the ground running Aotearoa
Language revival expert calls for native tongue title.
... says the loss of language is more damaging than the loss of land for indigenous peoples, and governments are likely to come under increasing pressure to compensate indigenous peoples for this loss too.
Australia's NT government quietly abandons "bilingual ban" in Aboriginal schools
Marion Scrymgour: “What I got wrong was saying kids will only be speaking English for the first four hours of school … saying kids won’t be able to speak their own language was a huge mistake of mine, and I've moved on."
The sun also rises (if discreetly).
Paraguayan thrash metal band keeps it real with native tongue
Use of Guaraní language in new rock music
This is the second video in a series by BBC Mundo's Vladimir Hernandez about new native melodies coming out of Latin America ahead of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples which is celebrated by the United Nations every August 9.
The duo fusing the Argentine Qom dialect with electronica
Qom is a dialect of the Toba language, spoken in the Gran Chaco.
This is the last episode in a series by BBC Mundo's Vladimir Hernandez.
Chilean Mapuches preserve linguistic heritage through hip-hop
Rap in the Mapudungun language
In Mysore, Keeping Sanskrit Alive on Newsprint
The other side of endangerment: "dead" celebrity languages that will not lie down.
Jaya jaya jaya
Nicholas Ostler on the History and Diversity of Language
My conversation with Toby Ash on "Five Books on the Browser".
A chance to say how good Nick Evans' "Dying Words" is!
Institute aims to keep languages alive
The CoLang 2012 Institute on Collaborative Language Research, is a six-week opportunity for participants to become better trained in linguistic documentation.
Vignettes with experts on Uda (Nigeria), and Tamazight (Morocco).
Endangered languages - A project by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity, under Google
The Endangered Languages Project, is an online resource to record, access, and share samples of and research on endangered languages, as well as to share advice and best practices for those working to document or strengthen languages under threat.
Appears to require registration, and some granting of rights to Google, before outsiders can contribute to this.
Vanishing Voices
a series from National Geographic
- colourful, poignant views of some languages, phrases and speakers
Endangered Languages Quiz from the BBC
Seven questions to dig a little deeper in the substance of the languages.
Your credibility is on the line... but no-one will ever know how you did!
Language Revitalization in the 21st century: Going Global, Staying Local
a 2-day symposium at CUNY, in New York City, 31 May to 1 June 2012, featuring Joshua Fishman, the undoubted doyen of endangered languages and their revitalisation.
AUT (the Auckland University of Technology) is a co-host. They are also FEL's partner for our forthcoming conference in New Zealand (12-15 Sept. 2012).
War of words over tribal tongue
An article in Nature gives a basic view of the controversy over Pirãhã, which Daniel Everett argues falsifies a key Chomskyan claim about Universal Grammar.
This kind of argument is central to the theoretical importance of preserving endangered languages.
Endangered Languages Week
Endangered Languages Week 2012 presents a variety of talks, displays, discussions, films, lectures and workshops.
Another feast of fun from Hans Rausing Endangered Language Programme
Sealaska Heritage Institute publishes atlas of Native place names
a landmark book documenting more than 3,000 Native place names and their locations in Southeast Alaska.
Sound archives of endangered languages in St.Petersburg
One of the documentary films of the Frisian Broadcasting Company Omrop Fryslân on the national TV in the Netherlands (2001) which shows the position of some minority languages in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation and the work related to the study
The first film in this series describes the reconstruction of historical sound material in the archives of the Pushkinsky Dom, the Russian Institute of Literature in Saint-Petersburg. It shows the collection of Edison wax cylinders and the way material of
Language Hunters
This is a practical technique to pick up languages from (co-operative!) native speakers. It uses a "copy-cat" method, and elements of sign language.
There is also quite a charming video of language hunting "in the wild" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s87Dn5Nz-cM
Society of Ethnobiology 2012 conference, "Conservation and Communities"
April 11–14, 2012 at the Denver Botanic Gardens in Colorado. Explores the importance and power of linking conservation efforts to communities.
Lost Words - a documentary film to be
A story of Native Americans fighting to save their endangered languages, a film projected by Brian McDermott, (Producer/Director) (email: cfafilm@hotmail.com).
This gives visitors the opportunity to assist the funding of the film, at various levels of recognition.
Fourth International 3L Summer School - 1-13 July 2012 Lyon, France
This 3L Lyon 2012 edition concentrates on the theme of Endangered Languages Revitalisation. The main objective will be to create a space of reflexion in an academic setting on the growing number of projects of revitalisation around the world.
Digital tools 'to save languages'
Facebook, YouTube and even texting will be the salvation of many of the world's endangered languages, it is suggested. Examples here from Tuvan (Turkic, Siberia) and Siletz Dee-ni (Salishan, NW America) better known as Tillamook.
This highlights activities of the Living Tongues Institute For Endangered Languages
First Person: Brian Stowell
The writer published a full-length novel in Manx, a language that only 200 people can read.
ON THE ROAD WITH BOB HOLMAN - Endangered Languages
Encounter the distinct cultures and peoples of West Africa, Asia and the Middle East in the three-part documentary On the Road with Bob Holman and discover ancient languages on the brink of extinction: Timbuktu, Dogon, Palestine, Israel.
These episodes air February 1, 8, and 15, 2012. CONTACT: Ram Devineni / devineni@rattapallax.com / Phone: +1-646-416-4702
Cymdeithas at 50
A series of articles celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Welsh language pressure group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (The Welsh Language Society).
Half a century ago; When dreams become reality; Attaining psychological freedom; How devolution is changing the campaign; Making the campaign fit for the future.
We Still Live Here
Jessie Little Doe Baird and the revival of the Wampanoag language of Massachusetts
"The brightest star of this film is the language itself.” — Nataly Kelly, Huffington Post. And Jessie has also been honoured with a MacArthur Fellowship.
SEC Seminar – Preserving Endangered Languages and Local Knowledge
Learning tools and community initiatives in cross-cultural discussion
"Apple Siri, Google Voice could help save the world's languages."
300 widely spoken languages provide motivation for providers of digital services and devices because this group accounts for 95% of all people on earth. Google's plan to sample 300 languages from around the world to help improve its Voice Search product.
Yeah yeah
Breathing life into a dying language: Documenting Great Andamanese
Lecture by Prof Anvita Abbi at SOAS (London) on 17 November 2011
An opportunity for insight into one of the world's oldest isolate languages.
The endangered art of Arabic storytelling
Whole functions can be endangered, even in a language that is undergoing no threat.
But Iran (and hence Persian) was the main staging point for the rich tradition coming from India into the Muslim world: hence all the main characters in the 1001 Nights (Shahrazad, Shahriyar, Dunyazad...) have Persian names.
Report of the Baikal Conference on Endangered Languages
Regional FEL Conference: ‘Multilingualism and Language Learning in China, Mongolia and Russia’ at Lake Baikal
Library to Rediscover Aboriginal Languages
The State Library in Australia’s New South Wales is putting forth a new project to preserve forgotten or endangered Aboriginal languages.
Article also features link to an Internet guide to Australia’s linguistic heritage, courtesy of David Nathan (at HRELP-ELAR)
US Federal Agencies Act to Document Nearly 50 Endangered Languages
Announcement of the New Grants from NSF: the DEL program for Endangered Language Research, round 7
Itelmen Language and Culture on the web
Sample from the program of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures
Workshop “Linked Data in Linguistics”, March 7 – 9, 2012, Frankfurt/Main
We see the onset of Language Archives, Typological DBs, Lexical-Semantic Resources, Multi-layer Annotations. New sources of data online suggest new ways to link linguistic data and metadata. Abstract deadline 14 August 2011.
Once more, linguistics based in endangered languages is leading the way to new vistas in linguistics.
ELCat - Endangered Languages Catalogue
A new initiative, designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the endangered languages of the world, i.e., a definitive catalog of languages at risk. It will correct errors in existing databases and provide new data not available.
This is funded by the US National Science Foundation, and a private donor, who will eliminate the burden of the cost of most of the technology.
Cooperation Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and Fryske Akademy
Start of a joint program for cooperation in the field of minority languages in Europe and Siberia
Can the Internet Save Endangered Languages?
Care2 (online network for green values, human rights and animal welfare) attends to Endangered Languages...
Mitra videos on endangered languages
An interesting array of different approaches to this concerning issue.
And an e-learning module on the subject, from Cecilia Odé in U. Amst....
Now pentaglossic - in 5 metropolitan languages: in het Nederlands, in English, en español, em português brasileiro, и на русском языке.
Writing Systems for Endangered Languages
ScriptSource is a dynamic, collaborative reference to the writing systems of the world, with detailed information on scripts, characters, languages - and the remaining needs for supporting them in the computing realm.
California Language Archive
A catalog and online archive of the indigenous languages of California, western North America, and the Americas
BBC feature on rock music in Welsh
Discusses the growing popularity of the music against developing language policy (and language consciousness) in Wales.
First Soillse Residential Conference – Call for Papers
MAINTAINING AND REVITALISING MINORITY LANGUAGES IN THEIR ‘HEARTLANDS` 31 August - 3 September 2011 at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI, Sleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Abstract Deadline 25 June 2011.
To explore the problems and challenges faced by Scots Gaelic and other minoritised languages in their ‘heartlands’; and the various policy initiatives which have been instituted to address the problems and and challenges they face.
Revival of the Wampanoag Language
One of the award winning films by Anne Makepeace that tell stories of struggle, resilience and transformation
Part of a film festival in the Amsterdam Tropentheater, Friday, 11 June, 14.00 followed by a discussion with the film producer (see program).
Mercator Newsletter Nr.71, May 2011 .
The latest web publication of the Mercator European Center on Multilingualism and Language Learning with news from the five Mercator Network partners.
Fifth International Symposium on Finno-Ugric Languages in Groningen
The Finno-Ugric contribution to international research on folklore, myth and cultural identity. University of Groningen, 7 to 9 June 2011
Inuinnaqtun Tuhaalanga - Learn the Inuit Language Online
A recently released website for self-teaching (Canadian) Inuit languages, focuing on teaching Inuktitut as it is spoken in everyday situations.
Miners in British Columbia dig deep to save their ancestral languages
Raising funds to save what is dear to them, they note that language suppression in schools may do greater long-term damage even than child abuse.
Achuar resistance to Oil drilling in the Peruvian Amazon
A short video on the Achuar environment, and a chance to sign a petition, for submission to Talisman Energy. The organization sponsoring the petition is Amazon Watch. The Achuar will feature in this year's FEL XV conference in Quito.
Endangered Languages Week at SOAS, 9 - 14 May 2011
A week of talks, displays, discussions, films, lectures and workshops. Open day (12 May) includes over 15 exhibitors (including FEL).
Expert Seminar
Expert Seminar on “Cultural Education and Civil Society: How can Languages contribute?” 26 – 28 May 2011, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Summer school on Endangered Languages in St. Petersburg
The School will take place from the 27th of June until the 8th of July 2011 at the Philological Faculty of St.-Petersburg State University
Baikal Conference on Endangered Languages
FEL Regional Conference at Lake Baikal on Multilingualism and Language Learning in China, Mongolia and Russia
Minority Language Song Contest Liet International 2011
Held 19 November 2011, Udine, Italy. The only song contest for singers and bands who sing in a European minority language.
Ayapaneco (Mexico) in danger
Apparently the last two fluent speakers refuse to talk to each other
Confronting the Mass Extinction of Languages
A brief history of documentary linguistics, as current tensions arise between different approaches
Passion for preservation
Cultivating Burushaski in Gilgit, and in Denton, Texas
Cowag: Manx Gaelic Skeet
Find out all the skeet from the world of the Manx Gael at this new blog
gaelg's channel
Manx Gaelic News

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