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2018 FEL Grant recipients

This year 10 grants were awarded for a total of about US$10,000.

Grantee Country Language supported Grant (US$) Project title
FEL grants 2018
Xiaolan Cao China Wucun Pinghua (China) 998 Wucun Pinghua: language documentation training for community members
Anthony M. Lewis USA Lower Koyukon (Athabaskan) (USA) 887 The Development of a Vocabulary-Building Children’s Picture Book to Support the Revitalization of Lower Koyukon in Nulato, Alaska, US
Kavita Rastogi India Raji, Uttarakhand (India) 1000 Revitalising Raji: A workshop series to reintroduce script and encourage its usage
Pius W. Akumbu Cameroon Babanki (Cameroon) 1078 Documentation and publication of Babanki folktales
Tamara Kellogg Panama Emberá (Panama) 992 Intensive Community Revitalization of the Emberá Language in Darién, Panamá
Firuz Sabzaliev Tajikistan Shughni (Tajikistan) 950 The Fairy Tales of the Peoples of the Pamir. Audiobook Project
Nathan Wendte USA Louisiana Creole (USA) 1000 Ti Liv Kréyòl: A Louisiana Creole Primer (2nd Edition)
Devupalli Vishwa Prasad India Relli (India) 1035 Documenting Relli, an Endangered Language of Andhra Pradesh, India
Jens E. L. Van Gysel USA Sanapaná (Paraguay) 900 An Initial Documentation of Traditional Subsistence Methods of the Sanapaná: The Fauna and Flora of the Paraguayan Chaco
Philip Oghenesuowho Ekiugbo Nigeria Erohwa (Nigeria) 1190 Erohwa Orthography and Lexical Database
(Navlipi stream)
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