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FEL 24 (2020)
Teaching and Learning Resources for Endangered Languages

University College London (UCL), UK
23-25 September 2020

This page last updated: 15th March 2020.

For detailed information about the conference, see the EasyChair website (https://easychair.org/cfp/FEL24)

About the conference

The theme of this year’s FEL conference is teaching and learning materials (including primers, grammars, dictionaries, textbooks, websites, language documentation and other audiovisual material, apps, etc.) for, in, and about endangered languages. We would like to invite presentations that focus on the types of pedagogical resources that are appropriate for endangered language situations (including the teaching and learning of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as relevant), and the roles they can play in the support for and revitalization of endangered languages. Presentations could also explore how such resources can contribute to the status and profile of a language, and what practical and pedagogical solutions and resources work best for first, heritage, and second language speakers and learners.

Call for papers

Submit your abstract by 11 May 2020. For information about preparing and submitting abstracts, please see the EasyChair website (https://easychair.org/cfp/FEL24).

Contact information

For further information please email fel.london2020@gmail.com.

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